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The Art of Comfort: How Our Modern Approach Helps You Breeze Through Orthodontic Treatment

By March 25, 2024Blog

A favorite sweater. A worn-in pair of sneakers. A reassuring hug. Ahhh… the things that give us comfort. Feeling comfortable just makes things better, right? That extends to transforming your smile. So what does Dr. Khanna and the Fresh Orthodontics team do to help achieve comfortable orthodontic treatment for our patients? From digital diagnostics to barely-there Ormco Spark™ Clear Aligners to a welcoming office space, we’ve got comfort covered. Let’s talk about it here!

Orthodontic Technology Where Precision Meets Comfort

As your Park Slope orthodontist, we harness the power of digital diagnostics and treatment planning to kick off your braces or clear aligner journey in comfort. We start with the iTero scanner to take digital, 3D dental impressions instead of old school, goopy molds. Quick, painless, precise, and not gross-tasting!

We then use these 3D renderings to map out your treatment plan digitally, which ensures that your teeth take the most direct path to their ideal positions and allows Dr. Khanna to make super detailed movements and adjustments, tooth by tooth. Using digital treatment planning can also increase comfort by reducing adjustments throughout. And bonus, if you’re getting Invisalign, we use the Invisalign Outcome Simulator to give you a preview of what your final smile will look like.

Braces Pain and Irritation: Turning it Down a Notch!

Let’s address a common question about braces: “Do braces hurt?” Traditional braces were known for their bulkiness and the discomfort caused by brackets and wires irritating the mouth’s soft tissues. But at Fresh Orthodontics, we’ve turned the corner: we offer several sleek, modern braces options designed to minimize braces pain and irritation for more comfortable orthodontic treatment.

At your Brooklyn orthodontist, you have your choice of two types of braces: modern metal braces and clear ceramic braces — both cutting-edge options designed to make braces pain and braces irritation less than what was experienced in previous generations. Of course, we can’t promise that braces pain and irritation are completely a thing of the past; after all, for your teeth to align, they’re going through a process called “bone remodeling” where bone is both broken down and built up as teeth shift into their new positions. Your teeth are working super hard!

Spark Clear Aligners For A More Comfortable Smile

Now what about clear aligners? Does Invisalign hurt? Do you wonder, “Will I experience Invisalign pain?” As a Invisalign and Spark Clear Aligner provider, we want to let you know that clear aligner treatment does include some discomfort — and patients typically feel it more when switching to their next set of aligners. However, due to the more gradual movement that happens with clear aligners, Spark Clear Aligner or Invisalign pain is typically less than with braces overall.

And how about comparing comfort between Spark Clear Aligners and Invisalign? Comfort is pretty much the same between the two — both have polished and scalloped edges for a more comfortable fit against the gums. The best way to determine which clear aligner treatment is best for your specific case is to have an in-depth consultation with Dr. Khanna.

Personalized Service from a Friendly Team

It goes without saying that our Fresh Orthodontics team are experts when it comes to smile transformations, whether with braces, Invisalign, or Spark Clear Aligners. But on top of that, we’re also all about providing personalized, comfortable, and friendly service so our patients feel at ease every step of the way. And the proof’s in the pudding: we’re consistently named a “Best of Brooklyn” orthodontist by our community.

A Modern, Eco-Friendly Office Environment

Part of what makes us a Brooklyn favorite is our welcoming space. When you step into our office, you’ll find a bright and modern space designed with patient comfort in mind. We’ve also gone the extra mile to include eco-friendly practices so you have peace of mind knowing your journey to a straight and healthy smile is also kinder to the planet.

Comfortable Orthodontic Treatment in Park Slope? Yes, Please!

Dr. Khanna and your Brooklyn orthodontic team invite you to experience more comfortable orthodontic treatment with us. Cutting edge orthodontic technology, modern treatments and personalized care, they all come together to make your orthodontic experience a breeze.

Contact us for a consultation and get started on a stunning smile.