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8 Ways Our Digital Tech Makes Straightening Your Teeth Way Easier

By March 28, 2023Blog

Digital Tech Makes Straightening Your Teeth Way Easier


With work or school, hobbies, a social life and family, maybe you don’t think you have time for orthodontic treatment. I get it. When you’re busy, prioritizing your smile can sometimes fall on the back burner. 

That’s why I designed my Park Slope practice to cater to busy NYC lifestyles. At Fresh Orthodontics, my team and I use the latest digital technology to streamline your care and create the smile you deserve. You’ll spend less time at the office and more time on the things that matter. 

1. iTero® digital scanning for quick impressions 

If you’ve ever had traditional dental impressions, you know holding a tray of putty in your mouth isn’t the most pleasant experience. Well, there’s no goopy molds at Fresh Orthodontics. We offer high-tech digital impressions with our iTero Element scanner.

The iTero scanner  takes more precise, detailed images of your teeth and gums to create a 3D model of your mouth. The process is fast, comfortable, and can be completed in about two minutes. Not only can I show you a preview of what your future smile will look like, I can also use the model to create custom aligners, retainers, and other appliances. 

2. Cutting-edge software for precise treatment planning

Using state-of-the-art software, I plan your treatment directly on the 3D model of your mouth we talked about above. I move each individual tooth in your mouth to its ideal location and simulate different outcomes to create a smile that will look and function at its best from every angle. 

Digital treatment planning also allows me to troubleshoot in advance for a more proactive approach. This eliminates unwanted tooth movements and ensures teeth take the most direct path to their final positions, potentially helping you see your new smile sooner. 

3. 3D printing for a perfect fit

Another advance that has made teeth-straightening easier is 3D-printed appliances. I send your digital scans or treatment plan to the lab and a custom appliance is printed for you based on the specifications. Appliances are created more quickly and fit perfectly for better outcomes and comfort. 

4.  Digital x-rays for less radiation and chair time

At Fresh Orthodontics, our low-dose digital x-rays expose you to up to 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays and create sharper, more precise images. Another reason our team prefers digital x-rays to traditional ones is that we no longer need any harsh chemicals to develop the images. Instead, they show up instantly on our screen, saving you time. 

5. Spark™ Clear Aligners for discreet, custom treatment 

Digitally designed clear aligners have revolutionized orthodontics. Because the aligners are printed in a series based on the treatment plan I created at the start, aside from quick check-ups, you are able to pretty much straighten your teeth at home.

Spark Aligners lets me take that flexibility to the next level by fabricating the exact number of aligners you need. You can certainly get comprehensive care, but if you forgot to wear your retainer and just need a quick smile touch-up, I can create a limited number of clear aligners too. 

6. Virtual check-ins for patient ease

Worried about a broken braces bracket or wondering if it’s time to move on to your next Invisalign® or Spark Aligners tray? We offer our existing patients the option of a virtual check-in! You’ll snap a few photos of your smile and fill in some details, and we’ll be in touch. This orthodontic technology lets you maintain your progress without having to come into the office for every concern. 

7. Digital charting for faster appointment times

Our Park Slope orthodontics office is entirely digital. Keeping track of everything electronically means less time digging around for records, more efficient appointments for our patients, and no wait times. Additionally, I’m able to share your dental information with your other healthcare providers if needed, so you have comprehensive care across all fields. 

8. Simple online booking system

Are you busy and have no time to call and change your appointment during office hours? Don’t worry. We have office automation in place. Just shoot us a quick text, and we can reschedule your appointment easily.


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