Meet Your New Favorite Pal: iTero Element

We have to admit taking traditional dental impressions leaves a lot to be desired. Who wants to gag on a messy tray of putty? Now that’s a thing of the past. Fresh Orthodontics offers goop-free, high-tech, digital impressions thanks to our new iTero Element Scanner.

Taking a digital impression is a mess-free, stress-free, comfortable experience. Even more importantly, the iTero scanner gives Dr. Khanna an incredibly accurate and detailed impression of your teeth and gums so there’s no need for re-takes. He’s left with a super cool, effective 3D model of your mouth he can then use to create Invisalign aligners, retainers, expanders and other appliances.


  • No putty = no gloppy, gooey mess
  • No more gagging and you can breathe and swallow to your heart’s content during the process
  • Doesn’t smell or taste funky like impression materials


  • You’ll see the 3D scans immediately on-screen with Dr. Khanna
  • Speedy delivery times of your customized Invisalign treatment plan
  • Saves you time with fewer and even faster appointments


  • The incredible detail means the most precise fitting retainers, Invisalign aligners, expanders and other appliances
  • Always reliable so no need to ever do retakes


Say cheese! We use the iTero Element Scanner’s wand to snap images of your teeth and gums. We can capture every inch and every surface.


You can watch it all go down with Dr. Khanna. You’ll both be able to check out the scanning progress on the screen.



When finished, the scan is available as a 3D model. Dr. Khanna can use it to map out your Invisalign treatment or get to work on your retainers or appliances.


Ever wish you could look into the future? Now you can (well. the future of your smile anyway). With iTero, you can see a simulation of how your teeth will look after Invisalign treatment.

How Does iTero Work?