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3D-Printed Orthodontic Appliances

Being the leading-edge practice we are, we use 3D printing technology for all of our orthodontic appliances. To kick things off, we take quick, comfortable digital dental scans. The scans are uploaded into our software and this gives your Brooklyn orthodontist, Dr. Khanna, a virtual rendering of your smile.

Once our labs have the digital file, they generate a 3D-printed model of your teeth and gums. A custom appliance is fabricated off of the model. From start to finish, the process is faster and more comfortable, and thanks to the accuracy, your appliance will fit perfectly.

3d Printed Dentures


There is a margin of error with putty and tray impressions. Digital scanning and 3D printing make this a thing of the past. Dr. Khanna has more control over the process and final product, which means better results.


3D printing relies on digital files instead of physical, plaster molds to make appliances. This creates a smaller carbon footprint by significantly cutting down on everything from shipping to materials.


By going digital, we’ve eliminated some of the steps involved in the traditional method of fabricating appliances. Designing your appliance takes fewer appointments and you’ll get it more quickly.


3D-printed models are the exact replicas of the virtual models created by Dr. Khanna. The precision is unparalleled and patients get the perfect fit every time.


Before you choose Invisalign, we’d like to make sure you’ve taken the time to learn everything you need to make a confident choice.