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Fresh Orthodontics Provides An Eco-Friendly Experience For Patients and the Planet

An environmentally-friendly orthodontic office can make getting braces or clear aligners that much better. Fresh Orthodontics in Brooklyn, NY has included many planet-conscious choices that level up patient safety and comfort, while decreasing the practice’s eco-footprint. From the office’s design to daily practices and protocol, Dr. Ankush Khanna and his team offer a planet-friendly experience patients can feel good about.

Fewer Chemicals

Historically, dentists and orthodontists used many chemicals for tasks related to diagnostics and cleaning. Today, however, modern technology has reduced the amount of chemical processes needed and made teeth straightening more efficient and comfortable.

This Park Slope orthodontist uses systems that greatly decrease daily chemical use such as:

Digital X-Rays: A digital system doesn’t use any chemicals to process the x-rays. Plus digital x-rays use less radiation, they’re more efficient and comfortable, and provide more precise images.

Steam Sterilization: It goes without saying that sterilization is a vital part of running a safe orthodontic practice. Two options exist for keeping equipment safe: chemical or steam sterilization. The team at Fresh Orthodontics opts for the latter to avoid using abrasive, toxic chemicals. Steam sterilization uses a hospital-grade autoclave, a cleaning system that relies on heat, pressure and steam to ensure orthodontic tools don’t harbor harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

In-House 3D Printing Using Plant-Based Ink: By mid-summer, Dr. Khanna will be producing dental models for retainers directly in-house with a state-of-the-art, in-office 3D printer. The ink used for the 3D printer is made from environmentally-friendly soybean oil. The ink is BPA- and benzene-free, with no VOCs nor a chemically pungent odor.

Low- and Zero-VOC Wall Paint: Speaking of air quality…how about the paint on those colorful walls? Fresh Orthodontics interior walls are painted with a LEED-certified, low- or zero-VOC paint to ensure indoor air quality isn’t compromised.

Less Paper & Plastic

Almost paper-free, the team at this Brooklyn orthodontist office does their best to limit paper use with:

  • Electronic Records, Charts and Billing: Everything is kept track of  electronically instead of as files full of paper copies. Less paper is also a time saver and also results in more efficient appointments. 
  • Recycled Materials – Many of the disposable items used at Fresh Orthodontics are made of recycled paper or plastic.
  • BPA-FreeInvisalign, the retainers, and appliances used during Fresh Orthodontics treatment are BPA-free.

Saving Resources
Being considerate of the water and energy used in day-to-day operations is important to Dr. Khanna and his team. That’s why Fresh Orthodontics uses:

A Dry Vacuum System for Patient Care: Anyone who’s received professional oral care has most likely experienced a suction system during their appointment. A wet system creates suction with large amounts of water, while a dry system creates vacuum pressure with air. A dry system saves up to 360 gallons of water per day.

Energy Efficiencies: The Fresh Orthodontics office uses LED lights which use less power and emit much less wasted heat energy than traditional lighting. In addition, the appliances in the office are rated low energy appliances as well.

Extra-Safe Radiation Measures
Fresh Orthodontics has gone above and beyond to ensure radiation safety for patients, staff, and all visitors. With a lead-backed x-ray room, Dr. Khanna has surpassed local state and federal health codes by providing additional lead backing in the walls to prevent radiation scattering throughout the office and beyond. Just to be sure, a physicist from Mount Sinai hospital tested the entire office with radiation measuring devices and deemed it safe.

About Fresh Orthodontics in Brookly, NY

On top of the environmentally-conscious features at Fresh Orthodontics, this Brooklyn orthodontist is also state-of-the-art to ensure patients receive precise, efficient, and comfortable care. Dr. Ankush Khanna also believes in a patient-centric approach that results in strong patient relationships, high quality service, and exceptional smile outcomes. Fresh Orthodontics consistently receives “Best of Brooklyn” accolades from the community for outstanding orthodontic care.