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braces tips for a new braces patient
June 21, 2021

10 Braces Tips to Help You Breeze Through Your First Week of Treatment

10 Braces Tips to Help You Breeze  Through Your First Week of Treatment Getting braces put on is a momentous occasion! It means, before you know it, you’ll have straight teeth, a healthy bite, and a fantastic smile. While once you get used to your new hardware, you’ll barely even notice it, your first week of braces can seem a little daunting. To help you sail through this adjustment period, I’m sharing some of the braces tips that work for my Brooklyn braces patients. The Process of Getting Braces Before we dive into the braces tips, let’s talk about what…
what is an overbite and how it is fixed
May 17, 2021

What is an Overbite (Deep Bite) and How Can it be Fixed?

What is an Overbite (Deep Bite) and How Can it be Fixed?   As a certified specialist in orthodontics, my area of expertise is in preventing, diagnosing and treating issues with the positioning or alignment of the teeth and jaws, technically called malocclusion. One of the most common types of malocclusion my team and I see is an excessive overbite, or deep bite. Thankfully, as many of our Brooklyn Invisalign® and braces patients can attest, at Fresh Orthodontics, we can create a personalized treatment plan to correct an overbite and help you achieve a smile you love.  In this post,…
young girl receiving early orthodontic treatment
March 25, 2021

12 Enormous Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment for Your Kids

benefits of early orthodontic intervention There’s a reason the American Association of Orthodontists suggests children have their first orthodontist visit at seven years old. It’s because, by this age, their first permanent molars and incisors are usually in place, and their mouth and jaw have grown enough to give us a sneak peek at how their teeth and bite are shaping up during an early orthodontic treatment consultation session.  In many cases, when our youngest patients visit our Brooklyn orthodontic office, I’ll check them out and send them on their way. They’ll come back periodically so I can monitor them…
bad breath with braces treated with flossing after food
January 21, 2021

12 Tips for Fighting Bad Breath With Braces or Invisalign ®

  Fighting Bad Breath With Braces or Invisalign: Your braces or clear aligners are doing their thing, your teeth are shifting into place, and your sweet, new smile is taking shape but there’s just one problem: You have a case of dragon breath. Well, it happens, even when you’re not in orthodontic treatment, but clear aligners and braces appliances can make you more susceptible to bad breath if you don’t give them the TLC they deserve. The good news is, fighting bad breath with braces and Invisalign is simple. To help, I’m sharing what causes bad breath during orthodontic treatment,…