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Where to Find Your Orthodontic Supplies on Amazon

By April 28, 2020July 21st, 2022Blog

At Fresh Orthodontics, we typically give our Park Slope Invisalign , Clarity and braces patients their supplies like elastics. However, with our office temporarily closed, if you run out, you may be wondering where you can stock up. To help, my team and I have done a bit of research and found some reasonably affordable options on Amazon. We don’t endorse these products since we haven’t personally evaluated them all but they should be effective for you to use until we reopen. Of course, patients are welcome to get variations but these are all good examples of similar items we keep in stock.

Before we get into our list, first, a note for patients who need new elastics : Prior to purchasing elastics, complete a quick virtual visit with me. This way I can let you know if we need to change your protocol or stop elastics completely if we’ve reached our goal.

Now, on to the goods:

  • Chewies – Seat your aligner trays with these chewies .
  • Light Elastics – Try this 100-pack of light-force orthodontic elastics .
  • Force 1 Elastics – These orthodontic rubber bands should do the trick.
  • Force 2 Elastics – Force 2 elastics aren’t available for purchase online. You can substitute two light elastics or drop down to Force 1 until we reopen our office.
  • Braces Wax – Stop irritation or poking wires with this wax for braces .
  • Proxabrush Use these proxabrushes to clean in between braces and to dislodge food.
  • Platypus Flossers – Platypus orthodontic flossers make flossing with braces so much easier. You can find them here .
  • Waterpik – Remember, using a Waterpik doesn’t replace regular flossing. However, it’s a great extra tool to add to your oral hygiene routine to keep your gums healthy and your braces clean. This Waterpik is a good deal.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at! Or, complete a virtual visit right from our website to ensure your treatment is still on track.