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Braces Technology – A Comprehensive Chart

By September 14, 2016July 21st, 2022Blog

If you’re seeking straight teeth, Fresh Orthodontics has options and lots of them at our Park Slope orthodontic clinic. Dr. Khanna didn’t go through all of that schooling for nothing. He has training and expertise in a wide range of orthodontic treatments. Whether you’re 14-years-old or 75, have a crossbite or an underbite, want an inconspicuous treatment or would love to rock heart-shaped brackets with neon rubber bands, we’ve got you covered. While you may not be a candidate for every treatment, and you’ll need to schedule a free consultation to see what will work best for you, you’ll likely have a few choices. We thought we’d make it easy with our orthodontic technology comparison chart to highlight the pros and cons of the different types of orthodontic treatment.

Braces Comparison Chart

Traditional Metal Braces

Best For: Kids, teens and adults
Straightens: Crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite and underbite


  • Most cost effective
  • Treats the widest variety of cases including those that are complex
  • Can be customized with WildSmiles and colored elastics
  • We use high-tech, shape memory arch wires with temperature sensitivity meaning more comfortable and faster braces


  • Most visible and noticeable form of braces
  • Involves food restrictions

Lingual Braces

Best for: Teens and adults
Straightens: Mild to moderate crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite and underbite


  • Completely invisible from the outside and the least noticeable of all of the braces varieties
  • Customized to your teeth


  • More expensive than other options
  • Harder to clean
  • Could take longer to straighten teeth
  • May not treat more severe cases
  • Longer office visits
  • Possible discomfort to togue

Thinking about Braces or Invisalign? Book a Free Consultation

Clear Braces

Best for: Teens and adults
Straightens: Crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite and underbite


  • Less noticeable than traditional metal braces
  • May work faster than options such as Invisalign
  • Treats a wide variety of cases


  • Requires diligent oral hygiene since elastic ties on braces can stain easily
  • Involves food restrictions

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

Best for: Teens and adults
Straightens: Crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite, openbite, and underbite


  • Virtually invisible
  • Aligners are comfortable and smooth
  • Removable for your convenience
  • No food restrictions
  • Easier to maintain oral hygiene


  • Might not work for all severe cases
  • Treatment may take longer

Intrigued by any of these options? Well, let’s add even more excitement by telling you we also offer accelerated options to significantly reduce your treatment time. Book your free consultation at Fresh Orthodontics and we’ll help you choose the treatment that works best for your smile and lifestyle.