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The Perks of a Virtual Consultation at Fresh Orthodontics

By April 15, 2020November 4th, 2023Blog, Community

Get a Virtual Consultation

As you probably know, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, my team and I made the difficult decision to temporarily close our office in an effort to help flatten the curve. While we’re doing our part to encourage social distancing, our phone lines and email are still open. For current patients, check out our guide to orthodontic care during COVID-19. We’ve also set up a virtual follow-up feature on our site so we can connect. Now, what about new patients who are considering kicking off their orthodontic treatment? We’ve got you covered too with virtual consultations.

So, if learning more about straightening your teeth has been on your to-do list for a while, and you’re ready to take a break from teaching your kids the dreaded new math or you’re trying your hardest to conserve those last few episodes of Tiger King, Fresh Orthodontics is here. These are the benefits of having a virtual consultation with our Park Slope orthodontic practice:

  1. Super Convenient – Between kids, work and everything else, it can be tough to make time to get to the office. With a virtual consultation, you can start your smile journey from anywhere. Fill out our online form on your couch, in the office or wherever you are. Obviously, given the current situation, this is more ideal than ever. Bonus: You can even do it in your pyjamas.
  2. Helps With Social Distancing Social distancing is so important for flattening the curve and it’s recommended that we all stay home as much as possible. Our virtual consultations are online and there is no face-to-face interaction. Of course, if you want to hear a human voice and have questions, you can call us. However, the consultation process is done remotely. You provide us with your information and my team and I can complete some of the steps before you come in to see us. Then, when life returns to normal, we’ll schedule you for an in-person appointment to start the actual treatment.
  3. It’s User Friendly – We made our virtual consultation feature as streamlined and simple as possible. You fill out a form with details about yourself, take a few smile selfies and fill us in on your smile concerns before hitting “send.” Once I’ve reviewed your information, we’ll get back to you
  4. You’ll Get the Deets – After going over your information and examining your photos, I can begin to develop a diagnosis and treatment plan. From there, I can connect with you and let you know which treatment option will give you the best results, how long your treatment will likely last, and what the cost of Invisalign or braces would be based on your situation. Having all of this information will help you make an informed, confident decision about moving forward.
  5. Gives us a Head Start – A lot of the legwork will be done before you come in to receive your braces or clear aligners, saving you time. If you have insurance, you can also give us the name of your provider so we can estimate your coverage and get started on the paperwork.
  6. Great for a Second Opinion – If you’ve been told you needed jaw surgery at another practice or lengthy treatment, I may be able to help. I’ve treated a number of patients with more complex cases with braces or Invisalign alone. A virtual consultation is an excellent way to get a second opinion without having to come in for an appointment.
  7. It’s Free – Patients of all ages can take advantage of a virtual consultation. You don’t need a referral and it’s complimentary. Additionally, there’s no obligation. If you do decide you want to come to us for treatment, we’ll get you in as soon as our practice is back in action.

I hope everyone is staying safe and hanging in there! If you want to find out if you’re a candidate for braces, Invisalign or Clarity aligners in Brooklyn, book a virtual consultation with Fresh Orthodontics today!