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The Best Organic Restaurants in Brooklyn, NY

By July 20, 2018October 20th, 2023Community, Blog

As a Park Slope orthodontist, Dr. Khanna gives his patients their dream smiles. This goes beyond straightening people’s teeth and also entails helping them experience amazing oral health. Of course, brushing, flossing, aligning your bite with braces or Invisalign and regularly visiting your dentist are all big components of said oral health. However, eating a well-rounded, balanced diet is important too. Thankfully, there are tons of organic restaurants in Brooklyn, NY, serving up fare that’s heavy on the fresh produce and good-for-you ingredients. Minimizing starchy, simple carbohydrates and added sugar, which are cavity-causing culprits, in favor of delicious but nutrient-rich options can go a long way in keeping your smile healthy.

We polled the team here at Fresh Orthodontics and here are some of our favorite Brooklyn healthy restaurants:

1. The Farm on Adderley – 1108 Cortelyou Road

There’s an awesome brunch menu at this cozy Brooklyn farm-to-table restaurant. However, if you don’t want to brave the line that can start pretty early on nice days, lunch and dinner are tasty too. For parents, the fact that they have a kids’ menu is a plus as well. The ingredients are locally sourced from area farms and they whip up fun American favorites with a healthy, interesting twist. Our recommendations: Veggie Burger, Tuna Sandwich, Farro Risotto

2. Rose Water –  787 Union Street

If you’re looking for the perfect seasonal, organic brunch in Brooklyn, this Park Slope farm-to-table restaurant is the place to go. Maybe it’s something about Brooklyn, but must of our amazing brunch spots have equally as awesome dinners and Rose Water is no exception. While they’re billed as “New American,” there’s some Mediterranean influence there too. The small, bright space does get crowded during the brunch hours at times but it’s worth the wait if you’re not in a rush. Our recommendations: Frittata, Black Sea Bass, Avocado Smash

3. Modern Love Brooklyn – 317 Union Avenue

This Brooklyn vegan restaurant is known for its plant-based, comfort food. Oh, and they deliver! Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, the creative, hearty, Instagram-worthy dishes will still satisfy your cravings. It’s actually not surprising considering it’s the restaurant of cookbook author and former Post Punk Kitchen host, Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Our recommendations: Charred Asparagus Lettuce Wraps, Sweet Chipotle Cauliflower Wings, Mac & Shews

4. Mariella – 492 6th Avenue

Mariella definitely makes our list of the best organic restaurants in Brooklyn. They serve classic Italian dishes using seasonal produce sourced from sustainable, local farms and all of their animal products (i.e., meat, fish, dairy and eggs) are organic. The cozy restaurant is yet another one with a brunch menu that’s just as good as their lunch and dinner menus. Our recommendations: Cavolo Misto, Burrata, Atlantic Salmon

5. Bunna Cafe – 1084 Flushing Avenue

Bunna Cafe is a well-loved, vegan Ethiopian restaurant in Brooklyn. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a coffee ceremony while you’re enjoying your meal. You won’t miss the meat at all because you’ll be so busy marveling at all of the new flavors and textures. Who knew kale could be that tasty? Our recommendations: Go for the feast and try not to keep all of the butecha selata or shiro for yourself.

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6. Gentleman Farmer – 378 Myrtle Avenue

Gentleman Farmer is a cute, classy little French restaurant that’s perfected seasonal, market-driven food. They’ve had an outpost on the Lower East Side for years before opening a second location in Brooklyn. Karim Nounouh, the executive chef and owner, is exceptional and super creative and while the menu certainly reflects his French culinary training, you’ll find some fun surprises too. Our recommendations: Brussels Sprout Salad, Mustard Crusted Salmon, Veggie Sandwich

7. Beets and Carrots – 9905 3rd Avenue

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming, casual feel of this Brooklyn farm-to-table restaurant because they really represent local, seasonal ingredients in the best possible way with food that’s innovative but still simple, fresh and elegant. One of the real draws for us is that all of the pasta is homemade. Our recommendations: Baby Beets and Carrots Cappelletti, Roasted Chicken, Buckwheat and Mushroom, Couscous Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes and Cucumber

8. Abracadabra– 347 Belford Avenue

Abracadabra is highly underrated when it comes to Brooklyn healthy restaurants. The tiny, quirky establishment serves Turkish food, much of it organic, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options to boot. They also have delivery, so you can order up a healthy meal on days you don’t feel like cooking or getting out of your pajamas. Our recommendations: Organic Meat Balls Plate, Lentil-Quinoa Balls Plate, Veganizer Turkish Burrito

9. Ital Kitchen – 1032 Union Street

Ital Kitchen is such a cool, unique place. Chef Michael Gordon is from Jamaica, has French culinary training and is a Rastafarian. What’s that add up to? A stellar vegan Jamaican restaurant in Brooklyn that offers food packed with flavor (and nutrients). Our recommendations: Ital Veggie Jerk Chicken, Thai-Fi Stew, Curry Jack Fruit

10. Olmsted – 659 Vanderbilt Avenue

Olmsted has gotten a ton of buzz and at times, reservations can be hard to get. However, chef-owner Greg Baxtrom has been successful in bringing his fine dining experience to a more casual setting and we’re fans of the vegetable-forward menu. The Brooklyn farm-to-table restaurant doesn’t just get its seasonal, fresh ingredients from local farms either, some of it’s grown in its backyard garden. Our recommendations: Shaved Beet Salad, Gobi Pakora Cauliflower, Grilled Scallops