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The Best New York-Based Parenting Blogs

By June 18, 2016October 20th, 2023Blog

Hey, parents. Looking for some easy reading, tips on what to do with kids in New York City, family-friendly recipes or maybe just a good laugh? Fresh Orthodontics has combed the interwebs looking for the best New York City parenting blogs. These sites cover it all. Feel free to mention any we missed in the comments section as well! shutterstock_252257896 (1)

Mommy Poppins

We love you Mommy Poppins! This blog will probably always have a top spot on any list (and in our hearts) because it’s an insanely thorough and comprehensive collection of ideas for what to do with kids in NYC. It lists pretty much every kid-friendly activity, destination or class you can imagine.1.mommy-poppins

Dad or Alive

This New York daddy blog written by stay-at-home dad Adrian Kulp is laugh-out-loud funny. It chronicles his stories and thoughts and while comedic, it’s also insightful. It’s definitely worth the read.2. dad-or-alive

What Do We Do All Day

Erica, her husband and her children, Kiddo and New Kid, live in a small apartment in New York City with no yard, no car and no television. Her blog details what they do all day, hence the name, and includes everything from book recommendations to activity suggestions to crafts. This mom has a lot of energy and her blog is overflowing with genius ideas for keeping kids entertained in the city.3. what-do-we-do-all-day

Selfish Mom

Amy Oztan was named one of the “Most Powerful Moms in Social Media” by Working Mother and after checking out her blog it’s no surprise. She’s sarcastic, hilarious and really honest. Her blog will have you laughing but it’s also a useful resource with her awesome product reviews.4. selfish-mom

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Dinner: A Love Story

Jenny Rosenstrach is committed to family dinners and believes dinnertime is about more than food. It’s a time for connecting with each other and as she writes, “it’s an emotional anchor to our day.” Her blog is devoted to helping other parents get dinner on the table every night and is chock full of delicious, do-able recipes as well as some wisdom.5. dinner-a-love-story

Latina on a Mission

Single mom to two boys, Migdalia Rivera, is all about living frugally while taking advantage of the perks of living in New York City. Her blog is a compilation of parenting tips, ideas for family-friendly activities, recipes and inspiration.6.latina-on-a-mission

Cool Mom Picks

Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner started the blog, which has turned into arguably one of the best shopping blogs for parents. They review products to help make your life as a parent a little easier and even include DIY projects, gift ideas and

Gay NYC Dad

This dad is known for his contests and giveaways. There are seriously prizes galore! However, the blog is also interspersed with parenting stories, humor and celebrity