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The Best Braces Moments in Pop-Culture History

By March 30, 2016July 21st, 2022Blog

The Best Braces Moments in Pop Culture History

Considering braces are like an adolescent rite of passage, it’s no surprise they’ve saturated popular culture. I mean what good coming of age movie doesn’t have at least one character rocking braces? While sometimes braces in movies and braces on TV are portrayed as awkward, my Park Slope orthodontic patients make braces look cool and we all know the end result is awesomely straight teeth.

Here are some of Fresh Orthodontics’ favorite famous moments in braces history (pop culture edition):

Josie Geller in Never Been Kissed


As journalist Josie Geller (played by Drew Barrymore) goes back to high school undercover for a story, we see flashbacks of her in all of her ‘80s high school glory as Josie Grossie, an awkward teen with braces, bad hair and a lack of social skills.

Katy Perry in her “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” video

The Best Braces Moments in Pop Culture History - Katy Perry

Katy Perry, or should we say Kathy Beth Terry, donned taped glasses, braces and even head gear for the video, which tells the tale of a crazy high school party where the stereotypical “nerd” becomes the life of the party.Lisa Needs Braces!

The Best Braces Moments in Pop-Culture History - Lisa Needs Braces

Who could forget, “Dental plan! Lisa needs braces!”? If you did, here it is on loop for 10 straight hours (yup, that’s a thing). In a 1993 episode of The Simpsons, Mr. Burns tries to eliminate the workers’ dental plan just as the Simpsons learn Lisa will need braces. Homer ends up becoming head of the union and organizes a strike to keep their dental insurance.

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Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi Commercial

The Best Braces Moments in Pop-Culture History - Cindy Crawford

If anyone can make braces look good it’s a supermodel. For those who were too young to experience it, there was a Pepsi commercial where Crawford flashes her million-dollar smile to reveal gleaming metal braces.

Ugly Betty (America Ferrera)

The Best Braces Moments in Pop Culture History - Ugly Betty

Any list of braces in pop culture has to include the character Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty. The show instantly brings to mind her wacky outfits, braces and glasses.

Murray (Donald Faison) from Clueless

The Best Braces Moments in Pop Culture History - Donald Faison

Murray didn’t let braces put a damper on his style and he flashed them proudly throughout the movie. He was another character who really made braces look cool

Ted (Ben Stiller) in There’s Something About Mary


While that zipper mishap might have made you forget all about poor Ted’s braces, he wore them alright. In fact, later in the movie Mary says, “He had this huge mouth full of metal. You know how I like braces.” So do we, Mary, so do we!

Jimmy Fallon and in the “Ew!” Music Video

Jimmy Fallon and in the “Ew!” Music Video – Jimmy Fallon and made a hilarious music video with their teenage girl alter egos, Sara and, where they rap about the all of the things they think are “Ew!” While Jimmy’s braces are awesome, we really love how took it to the next level with the headgear.

Faith Hill Arriving at the Grammy’s in Braces


Faith Hill made braces look like the latest fashion accessory when she arrived at the Grammy’s several years ago sporting braces complete with pale pink rubber bands.