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A Trip Down Memory Lane

By May 19, 2015July 21st, 2022Blog

I was frantically looking through my bags and boxes of supplies this morning before our first patient of our first day came in and randomly came across this photo of a couple of my coworkers/ residency buddies and one of my first employers and NYU professor, Dr Yon Lai. He’s probably one of the best orthodontists out there.

Low Dose Kid Friendly X-Ray Machine

When he hired me, he sat me down and told me that he would work me hard, feed me well, and that the things he would teach me would shape the way I practice forever.

He was right. The food was delicious, I probably reference his work 67.3 times a day, and much of my new practice is now modeled directly from his input and what I learned from him over the years. I can’t think of doing it any other way. Thanks for the opportunity Dr. Lai.
And in case you missed that, we are now officially open for business. We can’t wait to meet you Brooklyn.

Btw, I’m pretty sure this photo was taken just after I royally lost a much-hyped crab eating contest to Dr. Lien in the middle.

– Ankush