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WildSmiles Brooklyn


Braces have come a long way in terms of look and comfort, but traditional metal braces all look the same and there isn’t much room for showcasing your individuality. Enter WildSmiles. Now you can pick your fave shape and mix and match colored elastics to turn traditional brackets into something completely personalized.

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What’s the deal with WildSmiles Braces?

These babies work exactly the same as traditional metal braces but they look really cool. WildSmiles brackets are bonded to four or six of the upper front teeth. Dr. Khanna threads the wire through to shift your teeth into proper alignment. WildSmiles are high quality, extremely strong and aesthetically pleasing to give you a perfect smile.

What makes WildSmiles so special compared to aesthetic and traditional metal braces?

WildSmiles are stainless steel braces with a low profile. They’re more comfy than aesthetic options like ceramic brackets and feature a patented pad design. The pad, or the portion that attaches to the teeth, is crafted into different shapes (there’s six awesome options) unlike the square pad of traditional metal brackets. WildSmiles braces are a fun way to show off your sparkling personality and impeccable style during your braces treatment.

WildSmiles Braces

Ready To Go Wild?

Let Dr. Khanna know you want WildSmiles.

Choose the shape that suits your style or mix and match shapes for an eclectic look.

Show off a new smile that’s as unique as you.

WildSmiles are available at Fresh Orthodontics. We can answer any questions you may have during your free consultation.