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bad breath with braces treated with flossing after food
January 21, 2021

12 Tips for Fighting Bad Breath With Braces or Invisalign ®

  Fighting Bad Breath With Braces or Invisalign: Your braces or clear aligners are doing their thing, your teeth are shifting into place, and your sweet, new smile is taking shape but there’s just one problem: You have a case of dragon breath. Well, it happens, even when you’re not in orthodontic treatment, but clear aligners and braces appliances can make you more susceptible to bad breath if you don’t give them the TLC they deserve. The good news is, fighting bad breath with braces and Invisalign is simple. To help, I’m sharing what causes bad breath during orthodontic treatment,…
braces or invisalign cost
December 15, 2020

4 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Braces or Invisalign Cost

Are Braces or Invisalign Cost High or Low? How much do braces cost ? How much is Invisalign? Braces or Invisalign Cost? These are by far the most common questions I get from patients when they visit our Brooklyn orthodontics practice. Ultimately, your braces or Invisalign cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the complexity of your case, and the only way to find out the cost of orthodontic treatment is to come in for a complimentary consultation. Once I’ve had a chance to examine your bite and develop an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, my team can…
October 14, 2020

10 Remote Learning Tips Every Parent Should Know

NYC remote learning is now in full swing for nearly every kid and teenager, whether they’re doing the whole day online or a hybrid schedule. As a dad and a Brooklyn orthodontist who sees a lot of school-aged patients and parents, I can tell you that struggle to adapt to remote learning is real! It can be hard for kids to focus with siblings and working parents nearby, online distractions, and a ton of changes to navigate. To help, I’m sharing some remote learning tips for parents that will improve kids’ focus and make learning at home more comfortable and…
fresh orthodontics clinic
September 28, 2020

Office update from Dr. Khanna

Hi Fresh Families! I hope that you’ve all had a great summer…and most importantly stayed safe and healthy.  I wanted to connect with everyone to update you on how the coming months will proceed for you and your child’s treatment in our office. First, I want to thank all of you for doing such a great job during the quarantine! We have found that most of our patients have remained on track or have experienced minimal delays in treatment in light of our prolonged closure. I also want to thank everyone for working so patiently with our team to get you…