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Dr. Ankush Khanna DMD, MBE

Meet Brooklyn orthodontist Dr. Ankush Khanna. With an extensive education from UPenn and NYU, and considerable clinical and teaching experience, he makes providing outstanding, personalized care to every patient his top priority. Believe it or not, he wasn’t born with that amazingly straight set of pearly whites. He knows firsthand how orthodontic treatment can give people the boost they need to connect with others, become more confident in themselves, and achieve their dreams, which is why he started Fresh Orthodontics.

Dr. Khanna is dedicated to a patient-centric approach based on high-quality customer service and exceptional results. He offers a variety of treatment options, including modern braces and Invisalign, and gives patients their dream smiles in a way that’s enjoyable, convenient, and stress-free.

April 24, 2024

Spark Clear Aligners and 7 Brooklyn Lifestyles

One of the biggest questions we get from patients is how their braces or clear aligner treatment will change their day-to-day. This is an especially common question from our adult patients.​​ That’s why Dr. Khanna and the Fresh Orthodontics team have put together this list of seven Brooklyn lifestyles, highlighting how an orthodontic treatment like Spark™ Clear Aligners will integrate into these different routines. Spoiler alert: you’ll find them quite easy and convenient! 1. The Busy Park Slope Mom or Dad Our immediate community of Park Slope is known for its family-friendly and community-oriented vibe. Here, moms and dads with…
March 25, 2024

The Art of Comfort: How Our Modern Approach Helps You Breeze Through Orthodontic Treatment

A favorite sweater. A worn-in pair of sneakers. A reassuring hug. Ahhh… the things that give us comfort. Feeling comfortable just makes things better, right? That extends to transforming your smile. So what does Dr. Khanna and the Fresh Orthodontics team do to help achieve comfortable orthodontic treatment for our patients? From digital diagnostics to barely-there Ormco Spark™ Clear Aligners to a welcoming office space, we’ve got comfort covered. Let’s talk about it here! Orthodontic Technology Where Precision Meets Comfort As your Park Slope orthodontist, we harness the power of digital diagnostics and treatment planning to kick off your braces…
February 23, 2024

Porcelain Veneers vs. Braces and Clear Aligners: Comparing Your Smile-Perfecting Options

Dreaming about perfectly aligned, pearly white teeth? Modern dentistry can definitely transform a less-than-appealing smile into one that makes a great impression. Two popular options? Porcelain veneers and orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners. But how do these stack up against each other? How would you compare braces vs. veneers? You ask. We get these questions a lot from our patients at Fresh Orthodontics. To help you decide which is the best way for you to straighten your teeth, your Park Slope orthodontist in Brooklyn, Dr. Ankush Khanna, has the answers! First, What are Veneers? There are essentially two…
Girl SmilingBlog
January 19, 2024

7 Reasons to Focus on Your Oral Health in 2024

It’s a new year! And with that comes the perfect time for a renewed focus on your oral health. But why is great oral health so important? What benefits come from having A+ oral health, you ask? Well, here, Dr. Khanna and the team at Brooklyn’s Fresh Orthodontics offer seven compelling reasons to pay more attention to your oral health this year. 1. Oral Health Can Reflect Your Overall Health Consider your mouth like a crystal ball that reveals your body’s health — there’s a definite oral health-overall health connection. For example, your oral health can show signs of nutritional…
10 Brooklyn Small Businesses Perfect for Holiday ShoppingCommunity
November 21, 2023

10 Brooklyn Small Businesses Perfect for Holiday Shopping

We all know — and we don’t mind saying it — that Brooklyn is known for celebrating what’s local. So now that it’s the holiday shopping season, Fresh Orthodontics wants to highlight a few brick-and-mortar Brooklyn shopping destinations and makers to consider for holiday gift ideas. Let’s shop small in Brooklyn! 1. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Do good and surprise the superhero(es) in your life this season. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. in Park Slope is a Brooklyn storefront with superhero gifts up front and space for youth literacy workshops in the back. Cuz, you know, literacy is a superpower! An…
Sustainable Oral Hygiene RoutineBlog
October 29, 2023

6 Ways to Create a More Sustainable Oral Hygiene Routine

Looking to brush up on sustainability while brushing your pearly whites? You're in the right place for some tips and tricks on sustainable oral care! Dr. Ankush Khanna and the team at Fresh Orthodontics are all about incorporating eco-conscious choices into our Brooklyn, NY orthodontic practice and encouraging it for your oral health routine. After all, oral hygiene is something you do on the daily so there’s a great cumulative impact if you greenify. Here, your Park Slope orthodontist offers six ways to practice sustainable oral care and make a difference! 1. Swap Out Plastic Toothbrushes for Eco-Friendly Alternatives First…