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Your smile is too important to leave in the hands of someone you’ve never met, which is exactly what happens with many of the popular at-home teeth-straightening options that are popping up everywhere. While the promise of reduced costs and zero appointments is appealing, the reality is, you probably won’t get the results you really want by relying on a random dental professional you’ve never met and DIY impressions to formulate a treatment plan. Orthodontics combines art and science in a way that requires the expertise of a specialist.

Thankfully, Fresh Orthodontics has the answer. If you’re looking to touchup or enhance your smile, we’re offering Invisalign treatment (with actual Invisalign) without the office visits. Our program is for the same low cost as many of the online versions – only $2495. The big difference? Dr. Khanna will create your treatment plan and truly customize it to your needs. Come in once for your consultation, x-rays and digital impressions and then simply pick up your aligners and go on your merry way knowing we’re here if you need us.

What An Orthodontist Can DoMost Popular

$ 2495

  • Take digital impressions to create a precise, accurate 3D model of your mouth
  • Use the model of your mouth, x-rays and information gathered from your consultation to map out exact tooth movements
  • Provide you with Invisalign aligners – using the latest material technology – that are created according to a certified specialist’s specifications
  • Let you go through treatment in the comfort of your own home knowing a local doc is a hop, skip and a jump away
  • Quickly step in and help should things not go as planned so you can stay on track
  • Allow you to upgrade to a more comprehensive option that includes office visits if you like what you see and want to keep going
  • Consistent results to enhance or touch up your smile

What At Home Aligners Do

$ 2495

  • Rely on a mold you do at home, which has a high chance of being inaccurate, or require an inconvenient visit to a regional scan center to make a 3D model of your mouth
  • Allow a random dental professional to use pictures and your impressions to map out tooth movements remotely
  • Provide you with aligners based on old material technology created to the specifications of someone you’ve never met
  • Let you treat yourself at home with no safety net
  • Provide you a customer service number or email if issues crop up as there is no office
  • Tell you to go see an orthodontist in real life if you’re not happy with the results or you want to continue treatment, which isn’t great for continuity of care
  • Not all results are created equal as patients won’t know what kind of aligners they’ll get

Treatment Plan


Conveniently Book Online

Quickly schedule your records appointment online. You don’t need a referral. In under a minute, you can enter your information and we’ll put you in for the time slot that fits your schedule.


Take Your Impressions

Swing by Fresh Orthodontics and we’ll take x-rays and digital impressions so Invisalign can make a 3D model of your mouth. Dr. Khanna will use the model to determine exactly when and where each individual tooth will move throughout treatment. Why trust your smile to a stranger?


Wear Your Aligners

Pick up your custom Invisalign aligners at the office and wear them as directed by Dr. Khanna. You don’t need to come in for adjustments or check-ups. Swap the aligners out for a new set when it’s time and sit back and relax while your smile takes shape.


Reveal Your Smile

You made it! Take off your final set of aligners and bask in straighter teeth and an enhanced smile. In order to maintain your progress, you’ll need to wear a retainer. We can create one for you, so your results last a lifetime.

Upgrade Guarantee

We want you to absolutely adore your smile. If you decide you’d rather signup for comprehensive treatment with all of the bells and whistles Dr. Khanna has to offer, you can apply the $2495 to the cost!

Book Your Consultation

Affordable, Convenient and Effective

Enjoy the perks of Invisalign treatment without the office visits and receive treatment planning from a pro for only $2495. Sit down with us to see if you’re a good candidate.