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  • Outstanding results for patients of all ages under the care of a leading Brooklyn orthodontist
  • State-of-the-art technology and treatments to help you see results more quickly and comfortably
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Before & After

Final Smile
Before Photo After Photo

Spacing closed, position of front teeth, and correction of bite treated with Clear Braces

Final Smile
Before photo After photo

Crowding, deep overbite of front teeth, and full bite correction treated with Invisalign

Final Smile
Before Photo After Photo

Phase I early treatment with Metal Braces and Expander to reduce severe crowding and crossbite of front teeth

Invisalign. Condition treated: crowding, deep bite and bite correction

Braces. Condition treated: crowding, impacted tooth, deep bite and bite correction

Invisalign. Condition treated: crowding, underbite, open bite and bite correction

Are Smile Concerns Holding You or Your Child Back?

Do You Want to Get Straight Teeth in a Way that Fits Your Family’s Lifestyle and Needs?

Fresh Orthodontics can help! We have cutting-edge orthodontic treatment options that will give you a stunning smile and the boost in confidence you need to achieve your dreams and be yourself. When you love your smile and are proud to show it off, it has a profound impact on your career, relationships, and life in general.

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Hi. I’m Dr. Ankush Khanna. Long before I started Fresh Orthodontics, I was a shy teenager with “Bugs Bunny” teeth. I was self-conscious about my smile, so I hid it and tried to stay in the background. Underneath all of my insecurities was an extrovert who wanted to connect with people but didn’t have the confidence to reach out.

Orthodontic treatment was life changing for me. When my braces came off, I was an entirely different person. I felt self-assured and ready to go after my goals. It gave me the freedom to think about things other than my teeth and suddenly I was present and engaged. The whole reason I became an orthodontist was to help other people experience the same benefits.

Now, at Fresh Orthodontics, my team and I have given thousands of patients of all ages healthy, beautiful smiles. Our bright, modern practice is fully equipped with the latest technology and treatments to make the experience comfortable, quick, and convenient, so you can spend less time in my chair and more time chasing your big dreams. We’re all about redefining the healthcare experience and making sure your smile journey is just as exceptional as your results.

Our mission is to change existing perceptions of orthodontics and to shape a new experience of healthcare for the future generations of New Yorkers. We do this by focusing on creating genuine smiles and relationships with the people we serve and being the best part of their day.

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About Dr. Khanna

Meet Brooklyn orthodontist Dr. Ankush Khanna. With an extensive education from UPenn and NYU, and considerable clinical and teaching experience, he makes providing outstanding, personalized care to every patient his top priority. Believe it or not, he wasn’t born with that amazingly straight set of pearly whites. He knows firsthand how orthodontic treatment can give people the boost they need to connect with others, become more confident in themselves, and achieve their dreams, which is why he started Fresh Orthodontics.

Dr. Khanna is dedicated to a patient-centric approach based on high-quality customer service and exceptional results. He gives patients their dream smiles in a way that’s enjoyable, convenient, and stress-free.


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Silvia N.

I just got my Invisalign orthodontics there, I really like the place and the staff, they take good care of you, appointments are easy to schedule and no wait at all. I'm still adjusting to the Invisalign, my mouth hurts a little, but I'm looking forward to the end result

Jay E.

Extremely happy with my progress so far. All of his staff are incredibly friendly as well, and the office is very welcoming and not so scary for people who really get nervous with any type of dental appointment. My teeth were a mess when I started and now they are better looking than I could have imagined. Would highly recommend to anyone who is in need of an orthodontist.

Theresa W.

The service was the best customer service I've ever experienced. Benjamin was friendly, attentive, patient and knowledgeable. Dr. Khanna wasn't too bad either - he was thorough, transparent and had excellent bedside manners. I highly recommend Fresh Orthodontics.

Christine L.

Great customer service! Dr. Khanna is very attentive and gives honest feedback/advice. The rest of the staff is very kind, punctual, and professional. The office is always super high tech and pleasant overall. Would definitely recommend, without hesitation.