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What is AcceleDent and How Does it Work?

By March 19, 2015December 14th, 2022Blog

Orthodontic patients always ask, “Is there a way to reduce the time I have to wear braces?” Well, good news; faster braces are possible! AcceleDent Aura is a super cool orthodontic accessory that can decrease braces treatment time by 38% to 50%. We’re serious. When used 20 minutes per day, the lightweight, painless device promotes faster tooth movement and decreases the discomfort associated with the orthodontic treatment process. Here are the details about your new BFF, AcceleDent:

What is AcceleDent?

What is AcceleDent
AcceleDent is a Class II FDA cleared device that uses soft pulse technology and cyclic forces to accelerate the movement of teeth by up to 50%. Launched in the United States in 2012, AcceleDent is the hottest ticket in orthodontic town. It’s an adjunctive therapy that’s combined with your regular orthodontic treatment, including metal braces, clear braces and Invisalign. Considering it can make treatment as much as 50% faster, those one year braces could possibly be six month braces. It also decreases discomfort in a nonsurgical, noninvasive way. Accelerated Invisalign and braces treatment with less discomfort? We’ll take it.

How Does AcceleDent Work?

AcceleDent is a portable, removable, hands-free braces accessory. Look mom, no hands! A mouthpiece connects to an activator. It gently vibrates using patented SoftPulse technology, which exerts even less force than an electric toothbrush and over 200 times less force than regular chewing. The micropulses speed up tooth movement and increase the rate of bone remodeling compared to constant, static pressure. You can wear braces for less time and still achieve the same results.

Part of the orthodontic treatment process is devoted to the leveling and aligning stage using different wires. Leveling means moving the teeth to the same height and aligning is when teeth are moved into the correct position in the arch. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics found leveling took an average of seven months. With AcceleDent, this was reduced to approximately five months, an average 30% increase in the rate of tooth movement during this phase with even faster movement in the upper teeth.

The frequency of visits to your orthodontist will about the same as usual, but the changes in your smile are more rapid in between visits. If you’re using AcceleDent treatment with Invisalign, you’ll change aligner trays more frequently with almost no pain and great tracking. Those with conventional braces using AcceleDent will see their orthodontist every four the six weeks.

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How Do I Use AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is easy to use. You attach the mouthpiece by plugging it into the activator. Turn on the activator (you’ll know it’s on when the LED light is green). Place it in your mouth, bite down firmly to hold it in place and make sure there is contact on all sides of the mouthpiece. Don’t use your hands to hold it. Let it do its thing for 20 minutes. Keep in mind if you need to take a call, it only pauses for five minutes. After this time, it will reset.

How does AcceleDent work?Use the device for the full, continuous 20-minute session each day around the same time. Using it more than 20 minutes daily isn’t recommended and won’t enhance the results. Multitaskers are in luck. Because you don’t need to use your hands to keep it in place, you can surf the Internet, check your email or watch TV while you’re using it. As a bonus, the FastTrac Usage report provides a daily usage graph and summary so you can hold yourself accountable.

To care for it, keep it clean and ensure it’s charged. The LED indicator will quickly flash orange when it’s time to recharge the activator. Plug the activator into the wall using the power adapter or connect it to your computer with the USB cord. When you see it slowly flash orange, you’ll know it’s charging. When the LED light is green it’s ready to go.

Take the mouthpiece off the activator to clean the device. Rinse the mouthpiece after each session with lukewarm water and every once in a while gently brush it with toothpaste or use a mild soap or liquid dish detergent. If the activator gets a little funky, wipe it down with a soft cloth. The activator isn’t waterproof so don’t get it wet.

Is AcceleDent Safe?

Of course! AcceleDent promotes faster braces treatment in a non-invasive and comfortable way. It’s been cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device and trials showed no adverse effects or tooth root damage. The treatment isn’t just pain-free, the pulsing may actually decrease discomfort and sensitivity that occasionally results from wearing braces and having them adjusted and tightened.

Am I a Candidate for AcceleDent?

AcceleDent works for a variety of cases and with nearly every orthodontic appliance. It’s safe for patients of all ages, from children to adults, but everyone is different. It’s available by prescription only so no hitting up eBay for it. You’ll have to talk with your orthodontist to determine if you’re a good candidate.

Thankfully, you’re never too old to benefit from AcceleDent. The American Association of Orthodontics found adults account for more than one in five orthodontic patients and this group’s main concerns are effectiveness and aesthetics. AcceleDent addresses both by hastening teeth straightening. Plus, it’s removable so no one will know you’re using it.

Unless you can’t get enough of wearing braces, AcceleDent is an excellent complementary therapy to your regular orthodontic treatment. It lets you straighten your teeth more quickly with less discomfort and can cut down braces wearing time by up to 50%. While most orthodontists don’t offer AcceleDent, Fresh Orthodontics is a provider of AcceleDent in Brooklyn. Make an appointment at our Park Slope office to discuss your treatment options and determine if you’re a good candidate.


  • Denise Gold says:

    Your article does not mention the bottom portion of teeth. Does it work for bottom teeth?
    I also have some bone loss would accelaDemt help. My situation. My bottom two front teeth have a separation
    Thank you

    • Dr. Khanna says:

      Hi Denise,

      Great question! Acceledent absolutely works for bottom teeth as well. When biting into the activator mouthpiece, the vibrations are transferred simultaneously to the upper and lower teeth. The research article referenced for this post found that upper teeth tend to move slightly faster than lower teeth based on slight differences in bone density.

      Acceledent is safe and effective to use as long as the teeth and supporting gums and bone are healthy enough for orthodontic treatment. Everyone’s case varies, and a proper consultation and diagnosis is the best way to determine if you’re a good candidate.

      Dr. Khanna

  • Afzal Hussain says:

    Thank you for the description on AcceleDent . I just started my Invisalign . I have 35 trays for full treatment. Each tray for two weeks that is approximately 14 x 35 = 490 days. Now, with Acceledent can I reduce my total treatment time? Should I ask my Ortho to see if I will be candidate for it or not or can the Fresh Orthodontics in Brooklyn consult me?