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Our Low-Dose Kid Friendly X-Ray Machine

By April 13, 2015November 2nd, 2023Blog

I’m sure many of you have experienced the traditional dental x-ray situation. You chomp down on bitewings and awkwardly try to hold them still as they dig into the sides of your mouth. Then you sit there for what seems like forever waiting for the film to be developed. It’s a labor-intensive process and may bring up concerns about radiation exposure. Yeah, we’re not huge fans of it either, which is why Fresh Orthodontics offers low radiation digital orthodontic x-rays.

What are Low Radiation Digital X-Rays in Orthodontics?

Low Dose Kid Friendly X-Ray Machine

Traditional dental x-ray machines rely on a film that is placed inside or outside of the mouth depending on the needs of the doctor. A radiographic image is produced when this film is exposed to a burst of radiation. Just like with old school cameras, the film is then developed after being exposed to chemicals in a dark room.

With low radiation digital x-rays orthodontists get to eliminate many of these steps. Instead of film, electronic sensors are connected to a computer and provide a digital image of the teeth and mouth in seconds while using significantly less radiation. The dose of radiation can be adjusted by size and there is an even lower dose setting for children. So not only are digital tooth x-rays safer, less intrusive and faster, they’re pretty high-tech.

What are the Benefits of Low Radiation Teeth X-Rays?

  • The most obvious benefit of digital x-rays in orthodontics is they’re safer. In fact, you’ll be exposed to up to 80% less radiation as compared to traditional x-rays.
  • Digital dental x-rays are super fast. The image shows up almost immediately on the computer screen. Appointments are shorter. No more squirming kids!
  • Our low radiation kid friendly x-ray machine is comfortable. Since orthodontic x-rays are taken outside of the mouth, patients don’t need to sit as long holding a film steady while trying not to drool.
  • The images from low-dose digital x-rays are more accurate. We can do all sorts of fancy stuff like change the contrast and brightness, zoom in and enhance the image. The x-rays come out clearer and more detailed, which means a better diagnosis for you.
  • Sharing has never been easier. Say we take those low-dose digital x-rays in Brooklyn but you also want to give them to your dentist across town. Now we can securely email them, which improves the efficiency of comprehensive care and reduces the number of exposures.
  • Digital x-rays are better for the environment. Traditional x-rays require film and chemicals for developing. Because we take x-rays digitally, we can store them on the computer to reduce waste, they can be emailed instead of copied and chemicals aren’t necessary.

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Low Dose Kid Friendly X-Ray Machine

Are Low-Dose Child Friendly X-Rays Safe?

Low Dose Kid Friendly X-Ray Machine

Like it or not, dental x-rays are extremely important for diagnostic purposes and the benefits outweigh the risks. However, digital x-rays are a much safer way to get a full view of the teeth and mouth. Even with traditional dental x-rays, the amount of radiation you receive is extremely small and focused.

We follow the recommended As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principle when it comes to radiation exposure, meaning we take all precautions and only perform x-rays when really necessary. While the risk of adverse effects from any x-ray is extremely, extremely low, we want to keep you and your children as safe as possible by using a low dose kid-friendly x-ray machine. Less radiation, especially 80% less radiation, is always better.

Ready to get your perfect smile on? Set up a complimentary consultation today with Dr. Khanna. Not only do we provide braces, Invisalign and AcceleDent treatments, we also offer child friendly low radiation digital x-rays in Park Slope. Contact us for details.