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The Leading Edge of Orthodontic Technology, Right Here in Brooklyn

By May 26, 2016November 2nd, 2023Blog

We’ve got a lot of high-tech wizardry going on at Fresh Orthodontics. It’s not because Dr. Khanna is a huge Back to the Future fan (well, that’s not the only reason). We like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations to ensure our Park Slope orthodontic patients have the best possible experience and more precise, faster treatments. We’ve considered pretty much every aspect of your visit from the moment you walk through the door of our Brooklyn orthodontic clinic and have infused each step with a little tech magic.

The Leading Edge of Orthodontic Technology

Keeping You (and the Environment) Safe and Healthy

Our patients’ safety is a top priority, along with their happiness, of course. Advances in orthodontics have allowed us to create an eco-friendly, healthy environment. At Fresh, we use low-dose digital x-rays. You’ll be exposed to up to 80% less radiation than you would with a traditional x-ray machine. Not only is it the safest possible option for you, it’s also faster, more accurate and better for the environment since there’s no film to develop, which requires the use of chemicals, and we can store the x-rays on the computer to reduce waste.

We also happen to use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning systems including steam sterilization and the EcoClean Disinfectant System, which both eliminate the need for harsh chemicals. We can keep things clean as a whistle and safe for humans and the Earth.

Advanced Orthodontic Diagnostics and Treatments

What if we told you you could straighten your teeth without anyone knowing you were undergoing treatment and it would take significantly less time? You can, thanks to cool new orthodontic tech. Here are a few of the latest innovations we’ve adopted at our office:

The Leading Edge of orthodontic Technology

  • No more messy dental trays filled with goop here. We use the iTero Element scanner to take digital impressions so we can have a 3D model of your mouth for creating perfect-fitting retainers, Invisalign aligners, expanders and other appliances. It’s comfortable, fast and accurate.
  • Fresh Orthodontics is an Invisalign and Invisalign Teen provider and as you know, that means convenient and virtually invisible treatment for a wide variety of cases.
  • We use high-tech arch wires with temperature sensitivity, shape-memory and differential forces so braces are more comfortable, require fewer visits to the office and straighten teeth more swiftly.
  • Want an accelerated option for a perfect smile? As a Brooklyn AcceleDent provider, we can decrease your braces or Invisalign treatment time by 38 to 50%. AcceleDent is a lightweight, removable appliance that relies on gentle vibrations to speed up tooth movement and decrease discomfort when used for 20 minutes a day.


A Streamlined Process

Obviously safer, faster treatments are a huge bonus, but technology also allows us to streamline your visits to the office so we can get you in and out and back to your daily life as quickly as possible. We use digital charting, so there’s less paper and we don’t have to spend any time digging around for your file or making copies. In addition, this means we can share information with your other healthcare providers instantly for team-oriented, comprehensive care. We even have office automation in place. Want to reschedule an appointment? Just text us. It’s that simple.

Are you ready for innovative orthodontic care in a patient-oriented atmosphere? Schedule your free consultation with Fresh Orthodontics and see how we can revolutionize your smile.