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A Breath of FRESH Air! – Our Eco-Friendly Orthodontic Practice

By September 3, 2015November 2nd, 2023Blog

At Fresh, we designed our Park Slope orthodontic clinic to be bright, fun and cheerful. We want to our patients to actually enjoy visiting the orthodontist. But it’s not just about the atmosphere or our sparkling personalities, we also pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results in a high-tech, eco-friendly environment. We believe in creating gorgeous smiles all while minimizing our impact on the planet. Here’s how we keep it green:


Fewer Chemicals

In the past, dentists and orthodontists relied on chemicals for a variety of tasks. Thanks to technology, a lot of these chemicals just aren’t necessary anymore. At Fresh Orthodontics, we made sure to eliminate as many as possible to keep our patients safe and lessen our footprint. Some of the cool systems we have in place include:

  • Digital X-Rays – Digital x-rays are amazing and there are tons of benefits including less radiation, no film and greater efficiency and effectiveness. Another reason we use digital x-rays is because we no longer need harsh chemicals to develop them.
  • Steam Sterilization – Sterilization is a hugely important in orthodontics and there are two options when it comes to cleaning equipment: chemical and steam sterilization. Chemical sterilization was the standard for years but it involves the use of an abrasive chemical, hence the name. We opted for a hospital-grade steam autoclave, which relies on heat, pressure and steam. Even the CDC likes it because it’s super effective and nontoxic.
  • EcoClean Disinfectant System – We rely on a nontoxic disinfectant that’s safe to humans and the environment unlike conventional disinfectants that contain harsh chemicals. In fact, we’re one of the first practices in the country to adopt this nontoxic system.
  • Low and Zero VOC Wall Paints – Our patients know we love color but we beautified our office responsibly with LEED-certified, low or zero VOC wall paints.

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Paper and Plastic

While Dr. Khanna’s super powers haven’t allowed him to completely eliminate the use of all paper and plastic, your favorite Brooklyn orthodontist has made great strides in lessening the practice’s use of both materials:

  • a-breath-of-fresh-air-our-eco-friendly-orthodontic-practice-2Electronic Records, Charts and Billing– We keep track of everything electronically. No more files stuffed with paper or paper bills. This also saves a lot of time and makes for more efficient appointments.
  • Recycled Materials – Many of our disposable items are made from recycled paper or plastic.
  • BPA-Free – Invisalign and all of our retainers and appliances are BPA-free, which is safer for patients and the planet.

More of Our Green Features

  • Dry Vacuum System – Every dentist and orthodontist relies on a dental vacuum system. Wet systems create suction by using large amounts of water, while dry vacuum systems create vacuum pressure with air. We opted for the latter and our dry vacuum uses no water, saving up to 360 gallons per day.
  • Low Energy LED Lighting – LED lights draw substantially less power and waste much less heat than their traditional counterparts.
  • Low Energy Appliances
  • Lead Backed X-Ray Room – We’ve gone above and beyond local, state and federal health codes by providing additional lead backing in the walls of our x-ray room to prevent radiation scatter throughout the office and beyond. We even had a physicist from Mount Sinai Hospital come test the entire office with fancy radiation measuring devices, so we know you’re safe.

We really keep the environment in mind at our Brooklyn orthodontic clinic and it’s evident in everything from the design of the space to our daily practices. If you’re interested in braces, Invisalign or AcceleDent in Brooklyn in an eco-friendly practice, contact Fresh Orthodontics today.